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company news about The Difference Between Teflon Wire and PVC Wire

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Company News
The Difference Between Teflon Wire and PVC Wire
Latest company news about The Difference Between Teflon Wire and PVC Wire




The difference between Teflon wire and PVC wire



1. The thickness of the insulating layer is different

The insulation layer of wires made of Teflon is generally thinner; the insulation layer made of PVC material is thicker. But the insulation of both is better, it is not that the thicker the insulation layer, the better the insulation.


2. Not all are combustible

The Teflon material has good flame retardancy, and it is not easy to ignite with a lighter directly, and the PVC material is easily ignited. At this point, the two are well distinguished.


3. Different degrees of preheating and melting

Pvc material has poor high temperature resistance, and it will be easily melted when encountering high temperature environment, while Teflon is difficult to be melted and has good heat resistance.


4. The appearance feels different

From the appearance of the wire, the brightness of the two is different. The PVC material will look darker, while Teflon is brighter.




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